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Confection Carnage (NC-17 - Harry/Ron) A memory of Ron's about the hot summer day Harry enlightened him by eating an ice pop.
Daisychain!Draco (NC-17 - Draco/Harry) Harry punishes a very naughty little Draco. Warnings: Crossdressing; incest references; shotakon.
Do As the Prefect Says (NC-17 - Draco/Ron, Harry/Ron, Seamus/Draco) It's Ron's birthday, and he's in for some major surprises.
Flickerflare (NC-17 - Cho/Ginny) Cho and Ginny have a late-night lover's tryst in Greenhouse number four.
Heaven's On Fire (NC-17 - Harry/Sirius) Sirius and Harry make toast in this silly lemon.
If That Mockingbird Won't Sing (NC-17 - Harry/Snape) Snape, the headmaster of an all-boys Hogwarts, must deliver punishment to one who proves to be not-so-innocent. Warnings: Chanslash, light BDSM.
Into the Fire (NC-17 - Harry/Snape) Snape and Harry beat the heat by breaking out the ice when things start reaching a fever pitch. Songfic to Meat Loaf's "Out of the frying pan (and into the fire)."
It Would Not Take Much (NC-17 - Draco/Lucius) Lucius saves his son from an undignified fate.
Origin of Love (NC-17 - Harry/Remus) Remus goes to Harry's dorm room and the two attempt to put themselves back together.
Quicksilver (NC-17 - Draco/Harry) Harry, Draco and the Sword of Gryffindor.
Strings of Pearls and Copper Curls (NC-17 - Ron/Ginny) What Ron and Ginny like.
The Way We Work (NC-17 - Fred/George) Fred and George fool around in the shower, but it goes farther than they expect.
Vanilla Skin (NC-17 - Draco/Harry) Draco wakes Harry in the middle of the night to obsess over him.
You're Sixteen (You're Beautiful, And You're Mine) (NC-17 - Sirius/Harry) Sirius and Harry celebrate Harry's Sweet Sixteen by spending quality time doing what they do best.
You (And Your Control Issues) (NC-17 - Draco/Harry) Draco finds himself trapped, and Harry has his wicked way.